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I am inspired by everyday life. Bare branches against the sky, the broken lines of cracks on sidewalks, the sidewalk grid that reveals the human hand through its imperfections, the ethereal line of steam from a plane drawn across the blue sky, the faint shape of the moon in the morning light, the vertical buildings against the horizontal horizon... lines, drawing, life.


I use everyday "poor" materials, a monochromatic palette and a restrained vocabulary to then expand and explore within those limits.  I am interested in the physicality of drawing. I want to merge the tactile with the optical.


Growing up in Rome Italy, I was brought up in a society that is fearless when it comes to touching. Body language is an inherent part of my life and I try to convey an awareness of the touch through visual means. The surface of the paintings have a physical layer of "drawn" lines that create a impression of concealing the painted ground while revealing it simultaneously.


The vertical lines are drawn with a needle and thread and the tiny pierced holes could be suggestive of pores. The horizontal lines create a shadow line from the thread that suggests a quiet tension between presence and absence, reality and illusion, material and ethereal. My choice of colors is purely intuitive.


The viewer will experience a very different painting or drawing when he or she walks to the side of the work and sees the accumulation of lines that become saturated with color. The work combines drawing, painting and sculpture.  The viewer is invited to physically experience it by moving around it.

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